Karoll AD leading all the rankings for Q1 of 2020 on Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Despite the harsh economic environment and the extraordinary high levels of uncertainty ruling over the capital markets, investment intermediary Karoll AD is reporting record activity in the first quarter of 2020.

It is customery for Karoll to be the brokerage company with the highest number of trades on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and only for march there are 8 336, while from the beginning of 2020 they ammount to 14 504. The whole BSE also reported record number of deals in march - 12 238, which is a 180% increase on yearly basis and is the highest since june 2014. For the whole 1st quarter BSE reported 52% increase in trades compared to 2019.

In addition to the number of trades, Karoll AD is the company with the highest turnover among all the investment intermediaries - BGN 24.7 mln for the 1st quarter and 14.8 mln just in march, almost 40% of the BSE turnover (BGN 37.7 mln.)

During this period we also managed the successful IPO of Eleven Capital AD - the first for 2020 and the only one for our stock exchange up to this moment You can benefit from the record activity on the BSE and the attractive prices after the big drop of the capital markers in march, by remotely opening an account with us and using our platform - Karoll Broker

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