Karoll AD with the most trades executed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for 18th year in a row

For 18 years in a row Karoll AD is the investment intermediary with the highest number of trades executed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). The company brokered 27 971 transactions or 31% of all the relugated market operations in 2019.

Karoll also kept its leading positions when it comes to the turnover generated from trades with BGN 48 mln. or 7% of the total revenue of BSE.

The success of the company is even more valuable, coming in a very challenging year for the Bulgarian capital market, where SOFIX - the leading index on the local stock exchange, closed the year with 4.43% decrease, while the total BSE turnover shrinked with BGN 333 mln. ( ~39% decrease on yearly basis)

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