Karoll Finance

Karoll Finance is a financial services company focused on consulting, project management and investments. The firm offers a wide range of financial services for private and public companies and entrepreneurs. These include corporate consulting, project structuring, and M&A advisory. Karoll Finance is a REIT management company of Advance Terrafund and investment advisor of the first Bulgarian private equity fund – Advance Equity Holding.

Website of Advance Terrafund

Аdvance Terrafund is the largest public limited company with special investment purpose in Bulgaria by market capitalization and is included in all bulgarian indices - SOFIX, BG40, BGTR30, BGREIT. The company's land banking and rentals provide a high and secure income.

Website of Advance Equity

Advance Equity is a private equity investor with a mid- to long-term interest in private (non-listed) companies. It is focused on investing in early stage businesses that possess high growth potential as well as talented and motivated management teams.