Daniel Ganev, MBA

Managing Director
Karoll Capital Management

Daniel Ganev is Managing Director at Karoll Capital Management. In this capacity he oversees the administrative duties of the firm, the overall business strategy and product development, and serves on several investment committees. He is responsible for the firm’s strategic partnerships with international institutions such as Schroders, UK as well as other European, American and Asian partners.

In 2003 Daniel pioneered the first local stock fund – Advance Invest Mutual Fund, and became its Portfolio Manager. Before this project, he worked at Karoll as a Capital Markets Analyst. 

Prior to joining the firm Daniel Ganev received professional training in the USA at Merrill Lynch, SG Cowen New York, Sony Electronics, and then served in the army. Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from William Paterson University - USA and an MBA from Cambridge University - U.K.  He also holds an Investment Consultant license by the FSA. 

Mr. Ganev serves as a Board member at the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC), where he chairs the International Relations Committee.  He has numerous publications and interviews in the media, and regularly attends business meetings and seminars at financial hubs in Europe, America and Asia.