• Karoll Capital Management launched its third mutual fund - Advance IPO Fund with unique focus - investments in newly-listed companies from Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Advance Eastern Europe, managed by Karoll Capital Management was the best performer among all funds focusing on Eastern Europe, outperforming the MSCI Eastern Europe index for 2007.
  • For yet another year, Karoll Investment Intermediary ranked #1 in the annual rankings of the Bulgaria Stock Exchange by number of trades. The company received the award for “Best Brokerage House of the Year” for second year in a row.
  • Advance Equity Holding portfolio company, SEP received a license from Bulgaria’s Central Bank to become the third payment system operator in the country.
  • Advance TerraFund REIT successfully completed its 4th capital increase by raising BGN 27.5m (Euro 14m). The company is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with the largest free-float among peers.
  • Advance Equity Holding raised additional funds bringing the share capital up to BGN 37.7m (Euro 19.3m).
  • In the first cross-border operation, Karoll Capital Management registered Advance Invest with the Austrian regulator to offer the fund units to Austrian investors.
  • Advance Invest became the first Bulgarian fund to be rated by Lipper - it received the highest rating of 5 points in terms of “Total Return” and “Preservation”.